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How many people have died from smoking weed?

How many people have died from smoking weed?
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If you mean how many people have died as a result of smoking too much marijuana, then your answer would be none, no known person has ever overdosed on weed. It is virtually impossible to smoke so much weed that you die, unless you were really trying to do it and even then it would take a lot of effort.

The numbers are uncertain when it comes to tally any deaths due to an effect (other than an overdose); such as, driving under the influence of marijuana, having an allergic reaction to marijuana, suicide due to marijuana, etc.
Weed is actually a safer drug than alcohol, to your body, according to some studies conducted on drugs.

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There are no recorded deaths that have been caused by marijuana overdose. There are cases though that people that have smoked weed have done stupid things which wound-up getting them killed, i.e. Driving Under the Influence, and which have gotten other people killed due to the accident. There are also people which die for weed but not from weed (directly anyway).

Although smoking weed probably will not kill you, it still remains a drug and as with all things should be only smoked in moderation or on occasion.
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The only deaths related to marijuana have been from inhalation of vomit after coughing.

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